" If you do not have obedience, you do not have control. 

   Without both, you do not have a  Caissie Canine Instruction  K9! "


Paul Caissie

   Chief instructor

Paul Caissie has spent the last 30 years serving his community in a variety of both personal and professional roles. 


He is a graduate of Centennial College in  recreation leadership - community services,  and the Ontario and Toronto Police Colleges. 

Paul's extensive training and experience allows Caissie Canine Instruction to offer a number of services, namely private canine Instruction or advisory consulting for corporations deploying dog teams as part of their risk reduction strategies. 

He has given back to his community with initiatives such as "K9 Cards For Kids", a non profit charitable organization.  This was established in 

the year 2000 and donations were made to identified retired law enforcement canine teams in need.  Also corporations like Sick Children's Hospital benefited in cash donations for over 10 years. 


Paul has also donated his time to coach boys and girls minor hockey in the Durham region    throughout the years. 


Paul currently resides in the GTA, with his wife and 2 children, and recently has added the newest K9 addition to his family....Jaxon.

With over 28 years of dedicated K9 experience, dog handling and training, and over 30 years in law enforcement, CCI can help you achieve your goals and passion for excellence in the deployment of dogs as companions, or in high quality working roles.

Paul Caissie interview with Bryan Stevens from Frontline Forward



Our Private Services are targeted for individuals and families that are committed to supporting an ongoing relationship with their canine companions


I believe in a “Teach The Trainer” approach where we provide you the background and techniques to bond with your pet and become self-supporting

Your canine can be any breed and our services can include any one of the following:


1)  Guidance on Buying a dog and/or breed for your needs

2)  Puppy training

3)  Basic Obedience - Level 1 (Leash & Food), Level 2 (Leash) Level  3 (Off-Leash)

4)  Advanced Obedience (such as hand signals or special commands)

5)  Highly advanced E.collar training and awareness  including purchase of a bonafide proven electronic system

6)  Problem Solving and Behaviourial Issues, including root cause and environmental assessments

7)  Sport or Working Dog training in scent or odour detection

8)  Introduction to Search and Rescue

9)  Personal Protection Canine Training Services


We will tailor our quotations to outline a number of sessions and timeline to meet your needs


Corporate services

Sergeant Paul Caissie (retired) has served over thirty two years with Law Enforcement.  A majority of his career has been with the Police Canine Unit.


Since 1993, he has dedicated himself to the handling and training of Law Enforcement Police canines. He has handled six Police canines during his tenure as a police canine officer and trainer. 


Sergeant Caissie has networked with many canine agencies throughout North America. He has traveled extensively throughout Canada and the United States sharing intelligence and ensuring the quality and high standards of the training programs are constantly reviewed and maintained.


In 2009, he was assigned the position as the Chief Instructor of the largest municipal law enforcement Canine Unit. He was responsible for the development, training and quality assurance of the 32 Police working canines and 22 Police Officers assigned to handle canines in the Unit.


Paul is still an active member of the United States Police Canine Association and is a recognized Regional Police Dog Judge in the General Patrol Dog and Detector Dog fields. He is also qualified in North America to Judge at a National level in Police Dog events.


Paul is also recognized as an Expert Opinion Witness in the area of Police Service Dogs in the subject matter of tracking, area and building search, and evidence search. He has testified in 16 Criminal trials at the Superior and Provincial court levels. He has privately trained over 100 clients with their canines in puppy programs, obedience levels, behavioural issues and e-collar training and awareness. No client to date has been denied training and all clients have either improved or resolved their training concerns.


Caissie Canine Instruction is now offering professional canine consultation to the corporate sector and to private security companies.  CCI will assess these corporations working canine needs and will evaluate and certify their assigned detector or patrol profiles.



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