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Caissie Canine Instruction: A Day in the Life of a Dog (when you’re not home)

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 19-month-old Husky/Malamute Cross named Cyrus.

Hi everyone, I am Cyrus and I love to play with my toy chicken and flirt pole. I like to go on walks. I have learned to walk nicely and not to pull. Also, I have learned not go after squirrels either.

I love to meet other dogs and my family says I am very talkative when I meet new people. LOL.


Over the years, clients have asked us about Pet Sitters, and Dog Walkers. We have referred clients to, and of course Dogs At Camp, especially, if gone for an extended time. Well, after months of searching, verifying, looking for an insured, bonded company, with Pet First Aid, we have FOUND her. Judy, retired from TPS (can you believe it!!!) owns “MOVE YOUR DOGGIE”. She has a team of 8 that work with her, all with a variety of different qualifications, serving the Durham Region. Please check out her website you won’t be disappointed!!!

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

Do you ever wonder what your dog/dogs do when you are not home? No need to feel guilty or stressed, as they can keep themselves busy throughout the day.

First, they love to catch up on their sleep, especially if they are puppies or a senior dog.

With puppies at home, safety is the number #1 concern.

To keep puppies, or dogs who love to “chew”, or have the predacity to chew,

possibly destroying furniture or your shoes, we recommend using a crate when unsupervised.

K9’s with separation anxiety can be destructive as well, we recommend talking to your vet about medication that could help calm down your anxious dog.

Also, the company “Kong” has their new comfort/snuggle line of toys out now, that can help comfort your K9.

(Some products have infused lavender in them.)

Dogs who can roam freely, without a safety concern, some of these K9’s will go into “guard” mode. These K9’s will sit at the window or door and will bark if they hear signs of a possible intruder.

Some K9’s will graze on their food, if food is left out, as some dogs are picky eaters and can take all day to nipple at their dog food.

Most K9’s sleep quite comfortably for most of the day while you are gone to work, running errands, or simply out for the day.

When your dog awakes from their slumber, some will play with the “allowed allotted” toys that are left out. Some dogs may continue napping after they do a “circle check” around the interior of the house.

If you find there is a change in your dog’s behaviour, such as depression, destructive tendencies, or a disinterest in a once loved activity, seek veterinarian advice, to ensure there is not a medical issue.

To help with your dog’s “alone time” you can have a dog walker come in to let your dog out for a little playtime and quick pee. This is great for puppies, or senior dogs, with bladder control issues.

We personally leave classical/smooth jazz music on for our dogs, if we are in the garage or talking with a neighbour out front, and they are unsupervised.

With advance technology, some of our clients have invested in a dog camera, which are available on the market, such as Furbo 360, Petcube Bites, (which tosses treats) and Eufy Indoor Cam to keep an “eye” on your pup while you are out. This is a personal choice.

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