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Caissie Canine Instruction: A Year in Review

Happy Holidays everyone !!! As we finish 2021 and looking forward to the New Year, may everyone stay safe and healthy as we get through this challenging time.

We have put together our last photos, that are available, of your beautiful canines, from puppy graduates, through to Obedience and E-collar participants/graduates. ENJOY.

Shankly - Duck Tolling Retriever, Puppy Graduate

Sheva - German Shepherd, Behaviour Training Graduate

Luna - Goldendoodle, Puppy Graduate

Bailey - Coton de Tulear, Level 1 Obedience Graduate

Bear - Cane Corso, Puppy Graduate

GIGI - Cane Corso, E Collar Graduate

Beau - Golden Mountain Doodle, E Collar Participant

Leeko - Czech, Bi Colour German Shepherd, E Collar Graduate

Oliver - Lebanese, Level 1 Obedience Graduate

Lupo - German Shepherd, E Collar Participant

Chase - Vizsla Coonhound, E Collar Participant

Stella, Samson & Finn - Rottweillers, E Collar Graduates

Mya - Cane Corso Mastiff, E Collar Graduate

Misa - Dalmatian, Area Search Level 1, E Collar Graduate

Hunter - Yellow Labrador, E Collar Graduate

Louie - English Bulldog, E Collar Graduate

Roxanne - Golden Doodle / Border Collie Mix, Level 1 Obedience

Haven Rain - German Shepherd, Puppy Graduate

Gizmo - Yorkshire Terrier, E Collar Graduate

Dakota - Dachshund / Pug / Boxer Mix, E Collar Graduate

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