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Caissie Canine Instruction: A year in review

Happy Holidays everyone!!! May you have a safe, healthy, and joyous festive season.

We would like to take this time to thank all our clients for your business support throughout this past year. We look forward to working with each and everyone to complete your K9 training goals in 2023.

Here are some of our past participants and graduates for 2022. Well done!!!!

Marie - Obedience Level 1 Graduate

Tipsey - Obedience Level 1 Graduate

Loki - E Collar Graduate

Scout - E Collar Graduate

Loki - E Collar Graduate

Skye - E Collar Graduate

Canela - E Collar Graduate

Luna - E Collar Graduate

Lucas - Obedience Graduate

Forrest - E Collar Graduate

Gordie - E Collar Graduate

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