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Caissie Canine Instruction: A Year in Review “Part Two”

As promised, from last week’s blog, we have more puppies that have graduated from our puppy program. Some pups have continued training with Level 1 Obedience and E-collar training. Here are a few more this week, with more to follow next week. HEE! HEE!


Vandal - Belgian Malinois

E-Collar Graduate

Tracking Level 1

Arlo - Collie / Cattle Mix

E - Collar Graduate

Molly - Irish Golden Retriever

E - Collar Graduate

Buddy - Labrador

E - Collar Graduate

Murphy - Red Heeler

Obedience - Level 1

E - Collar Graduate

Rookie - Belgian Malinois

E - Collar Graduate

Arwen - German Shepherd

E - Collar Graduate

(Virtual Training)

Diesel - Cane Corso

E - Collar Graduate

Should you feel extra training maybe needed please refer to the website for training options that would best be suited to your canine needs.

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