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Caissie Canine Instruction: Adopting or Buying a Canine Companion

Good morning, and welcome to Doggie Dialogue.

Whether you rescue or buy a canine companion it is important to keep in mind that every dog is unique. As a handler it is our responsibility to create a safe space where our animals can learn and grow into their paws, and into our hearts. So, here’s a few decisions to consider and ask:

Ask for the puppy or dog’s vaccination records and medical history

Ask if there is a policy/contract for assisting with medical bills if health issues are found after adopting or buying from an accredited breeder

Consider your financial budget:

o Adoption can cost $50.00 - $200.00

o Breeder/Pet Store can cost $500.00 - $2,000.00

(Plus consider the following expenses of owning a canine: nutritional food, vet visits, and obedience training are to name a few…)


It is important to consider your lifestyle and whether there is flexibility in your schedule to accommodate and support the needs of your new canine companion.

o A puppy and/or dog is approximately a 10-15 year commitment


Owning a puppy? Things worth considering:

1.Boisterous energy

2.“Accidents” (pee/pooping in undesirable



4.Sleepless nights (in the beginning)


Owning a dog (1 year or older)? Things worth considering:

o are they housetrained?

o have they outgrown the destructive chewing stage?

o have they successfully completed basic training?

Both a puppy or older dog can be purchased from an accredited breeder, or adopted from the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. All great choices, all personal choices.

In your decision making, choose what “feels” right for you and your family, there is something to be said about trusting your gut instincts.

From our canine pack to yours, love that little (or big) piece of fluff for as long as you have them in your life. The best part of owning a dog is that as they grow, so do we.

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