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Caissie Canine Instruction: Are Essential Oils Safe for your K9?

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 3-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Marie.

Marie was rescued just over a year ago. She has a very high prey drive, making her reactive on walks. As a result, Marie’s parents invested in the Caissie Canine E-collar training program.

Now, Marie is extremely receptive on walks and no longer puts herself or her owners at risk on her walks. Although Marie still loves watching squirrels, she no longer feels compelled to chase them!!! She is one good girl.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

Essential oils have become very popular over the years and are advertised as a “natural” treatment option for your pets, however “natural” doesn’t always mean safe.

Essential oils are made from highly concentrated plant substances. There can be serious risks associated with using essential oils incorrectly to treat your K9, however there are also ways to use them safely.

Many holistic veterinarians have incorporated essential oils into their practices. Many dog owners are willing to try using these oils to help their K9’s with anxiety, skin conditions, and even flea and tick prevention.

We recommend if you are considering using essential oils for your K9 to do so under professional guidance.

Essential oils that are applied topically can be irritating to not only your skin, but your K9’s skin as well. Oils used improperly can lead to changes in your K9 behaviours, could cause respiratory problems and/or adverse effects on your K9’s central nervous system.

There are a few essential oils that are poisonous to dogs that I know of, and they are the following: cinnamon, ylang ylang, wintergreen, peppermint, sweet birch, pine, and citrus.

If want to use essential oils with your K9 please speak to your vet about appropriate dosages, proper dilution, if needed, and the best “carrier” of a particular oil you are considering using.

Remember K9 safety is your number one priority.

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