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Caissie Canine Instruction: Benefits of K9 Grooming

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 110 lb. Shepherd/Husky mix named Duke.

We got Duke from a rescue in Alberta February 2016. He was almost 3 years old. He was surrendered by his young owner who went off to college. My husband was assisting in transporting dogs from one rescue to another in his transport truck when he fell in love with Duke.

Duke was a lovely well-mannered boy for several years. He has always been a barker but not aggressive. As the protector of the family, Duke developed severe separation anxiety whenever the kids would attempt to leave the house. He was very “cujo” like towards them. Anyone attempting to come near me or leave the house, Duke would lose his mind. Teeth showing, lunging etc…. only men seem to trigger this behaviour. For the last few years, the boys could not even leave their room.

We dealt with this for many years, restraining him so the boys could leave the house, as an attempt to control the situation to avoid being bitten. Yea, he’s bitten all of us before, except my husband.

In August 2021 Duke was diagnosed with pancreatitis and diabetes, requiring a special diet and insulin twice a day. This did not slow down the aggression. In January 2022 Duke started going blind, he was fully blind within a few months.

I was looking for a reputable trainer and Paul came recommended. Over the last few months, we have worked with Duke using the e-collar system. Paul has great patience with Duke and his disability. Stress must be kept at a minimum because of his blood glucose level. A spike in BH triggers him. (Low could be fatal) Paul understood and adapted his program to accommodate.

Duke is a work in progress. Baby steps!!! It’s working though, we can already see a change.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

Many dog owners have their favourite groomer or grooming place that they love and their K9 is comfortable with their surroundings. When searching for a new groomer we recommend finding an experienced groomer that has dealt with fearful/aggressive or senior dogs, they are the best.

When you have the same groomer and they “know” your dog, the groomer maybe able to spot any skin or health issues, such as lumps and bumps, that can be looked at by your vet, if needed.

The benefits of regular grooming, washing, brushing and clipping allows the groomer to check and treat your dog should they have fleas or flea eggs.

Regular grooming provides the hygiene benefits of removing the dead skin cells that build up and once cleaned up your K9 smells wonderful. Your groomer can also brush your K9’s teeth.

If your K9 has medium/long fur your groomer will eliminate the chance of matt developing. Matt occurs when the fur becomes bunched and entwined and can grow quite large.

The great thing about having a professional groomer is that they have all the right tools.

They also have non- toxic shampoos for dogs with skin allergies.

Finding a groomer that best suits you and your K9 is a personal choice, and you may find you may have to do a little homework when searching.

Here’s to LOOKING GOOD!!!

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