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Caissie Canine Instruction: Camping with your K9

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful American Bully named Peaches.

Peaches……my sweet Peaches

My daughter is going off to University in the fall, so I wanted a puppy to keep me company. Peaches came home at 10 weeks old. She is a playful pup. Loves her toys and treats (lamb chops is her absolute favourite) and very cuddly.

She was introduced to other dogs right away, and quickly became besties with a Great Dane named Fanta. Peaches has a cat sister named Buffy, who she respectfully allows to rule the household.

She loves to go on walks and absolutely hates the rain. She is a diva and will NOT go outside at any cost. She settles under my desk while I work at home each day and usually sleeps beside me every night. A big blanket stealer to say the least lol. Peaches is a fun and loving girl who brings such positive joy and energy to our hearts and household. I am blessed to be her human mama.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

Many of our clients love going camping and hiking with their K9’s. It is important to always check the regulations of your destination. Are dogs allowed on the hiking trails, campsites or even in the park itself? Is it a dog friendly location?

You want to ensure that your camping trip is safe and enjoyable for everyone including your K9.

Remember if your K9 does not have great recall, or good obedience skills, we don’t recommend hiking or camping.

If you have a K9 that is fearful of strangers or anxious, he/she may prefer to stay at home.

If you feel your K9 would enjoy camping, has the right temperament, and good recall, it is important to have your K9’s vaccinations up-to-date (especially flea and tick prevention treatments)

We recommend before leaving on your trip, please ensure your K9 is microchipped, nails trimmed and first aid kit packed.

When you arrive at your campsite, your dog must stay with you at all times. If you leave your campsite, your K9 must go with you. When you sleep in your tent/trailer, please bring a dog bed for your K9 to sleep inside with you.

Remember to bring plenty of poop bags, a portable dog water bottle, a collapsible dog food bowl, and a K9 first aid kit.

At the end of each day check your K9 for ticks and consider bringing your dog brush to comb out any hair mats or unwanted debris.

We recommend bringing an extra collar and leash and some outdoor-safe K9 toys, as an extra insurance for a safe trip.

If the weather is extremely hot, please do not over stimulate your dog, with a long hike or too much ball retrieve, as you must be aware of your K9 overheating.

A successful camping trip with your K9 will depend on your preparation, being a responsible K9 owner and a keen awareness of your K9’s behaviour and needs.

Enjoy your camping trip!!!

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03 ago 2023

Thanks as always for the helpful tips - always appreciate reading the posts. What a cutie Peaches is!

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