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Caissie Canine Instruction: CBD for Dogs

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 5-month-old Yellow Labrador named Nala.

I am the first dog my family has owned. I love Jen, Jason, Payton and Gavin with all my heart. My family says I am super energetic and can never get enough exercise. I love running, chasing a ball, and playing with other dogs. I love hanging out with my K9 brother Brodie and his family.

My family thinks I am very smart. I play hide and seek, fetch and I am learning my voice commands, “sit”, “stay”, “paw” and “down”, especially when a treat is involved. LOL.

I can be a little mischievous and can act like a “teenager” and try to talk back to my family, Paul is helping me with this behaviour. My family tells me I have added so much joy, laughter, and love to their days and I have so much love to give. My big heart has made my family complete, and they told me they can’t imagine life without me.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

CBD pet products are now on the market; however, these products are still classified unregulated. Most manufacturing companies are harnessing the medicinal benefits of pure hemp- derived CBD to market to K9 and Feline owners alike.

CBD has been shown to help pets with skin health, pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and digestion. However, there has not been any confirmed scientific data to support these claims.

CBD is a compound found naturally in cannabis plants. CBD oil is what is being manufactured for dogs and cats. This CBD oil does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

There is no scientific evidence or data to prove concisely that CBD oil works, however many pet owners would disagree. We have clients that do use pet specific organic CBD oil for their K9’s.

Many vet colleges and universities are working on the effects of CBD oil for dogs who suffer seizures/epilepsy, to see if they can gain scientific data.

The side effects that research have shown on the use of CBD oil is much the same as a human. CBD oil can cause downiness, light-headiness, and increased thirst.

Veterinarians are NOT allowed to prescribe, dispense or administer these products to their patients. Health Canada has not approved cannabis products like CBD oil for use in animals. If your vet believes in the benefits of CBD oil for your K9 under the Cannabis Act they can recommend products but NOT prescribe it.

If you are interested in further knowledge about these products for your pet, we recommend talking with Lori at Heronview Raw.

She carries organic CBD products for dogs and cats, and is very knowledgeable about this product.

If you decide CBD oil may benefit your K9, it is recommended to use an organic product. Please do your research as some companies, who are more interested in making money, may cut corners in their manufacturing. There could be fungicides, solvents or even pesticides found in a “cheaper” brand/manufacture of the CBD oil.

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