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Caissie Canine Instruction: Dealing with a Jealous Pet

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful Lab/Pointer mix named Luna.

I love when my mom takes me on walks. We go to the woods and on the trails.

Then my mom puts me on my 30ft leash, oh the FREEDOM!!!!!!

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

Dogs, cats, and other pets can sometimes feel insecure and need our attention.

Most pets love extra cuddles, playtime, and loads of attention. Sometimes jealousy can creep in from pet to pet.

Signs that your dog/pet maybe getting jealous are the following:

1. Peeing/pooping in places where they should not.

2. Nibbling/biting the “other” pet when getting the “extra” attention from the human.

3. Your dog/pet becomes extra clingy or pushy. i.e. getting extra close to your face

4. Growling or hissing amongst each other.

5. Crowding your personal space i.e. cats on the keyboard, dogs sitting behind your legs.

Different circumstances can cause these behaviours such as boredom, lack of exercise, social conflict, stress, or genetic disposition.

We recommend spreading your attention equally between all your pets. We recommend feeding your pets separately, to avoid conflict during mealtime. Also, we recommend using a crate for your dog, so they have a safe place to rest and relax. Let your other pets have their own special spot as well, to rest and relax.

We recommend for multiple dogs/pets to ensure there are enough toys and beds for everyone.

When your pets are not showing any jealous behaviour remember to praise them.

Some dog’s jealousy may turn into “guarding”. They may begin to guard their food, toys or even a favourite person. This can become a problem if this behaviour escalates to aggressive behaviour.

If this behaviour continues, on a regular basis, please feel free to reach out to Paul for some assistance.

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