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Caissie Canine Instruction: Dog Friendly Places

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 3-year-old Dutch Shepherd named Trooper.

Trooper found his way to our family at one years old, through a friend who knew Trooper and his brother as puppies from Alberta. His first family quickly realized that the “sibling rivalry” was not ideal and Trooper spent much of his time in a large, fenced area outside while they searched for a new home.

Trooper is highly reactive to dogs and people. Oh, and compelled to chase anything on wheels. However, once you are part of his pack, he is one of the sweetest, most lovable 80 lb. lap dogs you will ever see. LOL. Trooper loves to fetch, swim or during the snowy days, leap and roll in the snow.

Trooper is making progress becoming less reactive, thanks to the training and introduction of the e-collar by CCI. We are optimistic that one day, Trooper will finally be able to have a dog friend.

**************************BONUS FEATURE**************************************


Many dog owners walk their k9’s on leash in their own neighbourhood, which can be therapeutic for you and your dog/dogs. It allows you both to be outdoors and to get some exercise.

If you want to elevate your exercise level and engagement of your K9, then doing a “pack walk” is for you.

Early in my Police canine career, I did walk my dogs in the neighbourhood, unfortunately I had several incidents with other on and off leash dogs running up on my dogs. This can be traumatic for your dog and upsetting for you. I decided years ago to change my walking methodology with my K9 pack. It was a process, but the new routine was created and perfected.

I trained my pack to load up in the truck, from their backyard kennels, then I would drive to an open area and allow my dogs to run free. I practice recall and retrieve on command. The best K9 exercise I found is a series of retrieval, with my dog’s favourite toy.

This proved to be a game changer for both me and my dogs. The engagement and exercise level for the dogs was highly stimulating and rewarding.

I would NOT recommend anyone to have their dog/dogs off leash, unless they train correctly to have a high level of recall. Using a longline and e-collar technology the training is seamless and effective.

If another person, dog, or threat presents itself, I quickly recall both my dogs to heel and have them sit. I would then leash them up until the “concern” is gone. This is the reason I would recommend that you always carry your leashes on you for any emergencies.

I train daily with clients and their dogs teaching the benefits on pack walking. It is short term invested training for a long life of happiness and a wonderful pack bond.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

There are many “dog friendly” stores and restaurants not only in the Durham Region, but all throughout Ontario. For our clients/family/friends/everyone reading this blog, we recommend for you to join the Facebook page “Dog Friendly Places in Ontario”, for travelling, needing a hotel, campsite, restaurants, brewery etc... This page was set up by one of our clients and is a wonderful resource to find those establishments and much more.

Paul and I want to go to Butchie’s in Whitby,

as it is owned by a professional chef, and we would love to try her food. The patio has a grassy area and creek at the back for the dogs to run and play. Remember, you must have outstanding recall, and a non-reactive dog to visit a place of this nature.

A few other places in Whitby that are dog friendly, or have dog friendly patios are Los Cabos, Jacked Up Coffee, and Hot Rocks.

Remember to call ahead to confirm their policy is still in effect.

In Brooklin, (Whitby township) there are a few establishments as well, these are Brooklin Pub and Grill, Baldwin Bistro, and Banter and Co. Brewing.

In Ajax we have dog friendly places as well, and the ones I know of are The Village Public House, What a Bagel,

Portly Piper (patio only) and Falcon Brewing (patio only).

Remember it is best to keep your K9 on their leash when at these establishments, bring water for your K9, also bring poop bags to be prepared for any accidents. Always be respectful of staff and owners of the establishment, and their clientele.

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