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Caissie Canine Instruction: Hiking with your dog

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 5-year-old Lab mix named Lucas.

My dad says, I am generally very friendly and an affectionate dog.

However, I was getting aggressive with my dog walkers, began guarding the entrances, and did not want everyone to take my leash off. My dad says I also have a bad habit of carrying people’s shoes around the house.

After my dad and Paul started working with me, and after just a few sessions my troubling behaviour seems to be better now.

My dad continues to work with me daily to encourage these

behaviour changes. Look at me, I am getting to be a good boy now. Thank you, dad.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

When considering going on a hike with your dog, it is important to ensure that dogs are allowed on the trail or park you choose to venture out on.

Some parks/trails do not allow dogs and if they do, there is “trail etiquette” you must abide by.

The trail etiquette in most National Parks is simply “B.A.R.K.”

1. Bag your pet’s poop

2. Always leash your pet

3. Respect wildlife

4. Know where you can go

Picking up your dog’s poop, every time, anywhere, is important, as dog poop can cause problems for local creatures and even impact the water supply.

Keeping your dog on a short leash for control and safety, as other hikers or dogs may not feel comfortable with your dog.

Remember to always keep to the trail and that your dog’s safety should be a top priority. Hiking in overly hot weather should be avoided, as dogs are more susceptible to heatstroke.

Older canines or puppies may not be able to keep up with you during a long or challenging hike.

Another safety measure is to ensure your canine is up to date with their flea and tick medication.

When preparing to go hiking for yourself, be prepared to pack items for your dog.

We recommend to bring poop bags, water for your dog, a pet 1st aid kit,

dog food and snacks,

a sturdy 6-foot leash and a dog collar with I.D. tags.


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