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Caissie Canine Instruction: History of “Man’s Best Friend”

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 7-month-old English Springer Poodle named Oreo.

Hi everyone, my mom and dad say I am a “LOVELY” Springer who loves playing fetch, playing with all dogs, especially my older sister Bailey.

I love all humans a little too much and am learning how not to jump up on them. I am getting better each day.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

“Man’s best friend” is a common phrase to describe domestic dogs. Domestic dogs have been companions to humans for the past 30,000 years.

Scientists believe this relationship started when packs of ancient wolves, known as gray wolves (now extinct) began hanging around human encampments looking for scraps of meat.

DNA evidence does suggest the bond between humans and wolves forged in Southeastern Asia.

After the glacial period ended, domesticated dogs had spread to the Middle East, Africa, and throughout Europe. As people travelled to the New World the dogs travelled as companions, work dogs,

or even helped by pulling traveller’s luggage. In the colder climates dogs could pull sleds over the snow-covered terrain.

Canines that landed in locations where farmers settled, dogs perfected their skills at catching rodents and protecting livestock.

One breed of dog that reminds us of the “early” dog that developed from wolves is known as Australia’s “wild” dog, called the Dingo.

These dogs still live in the wild, scavenge for food, hunt in packs and live in the outback of Australia.

Many have debated on the phrase “man’s best friend” and where it originated. Some believed the phrase originated in 1870 from an American Supreme Court case.

A lawyer named George Vest defended a man who deeply loved his Coon Hound, named “Old Drum” which was killed by his neighbour. The phrase “man’s best friend” was quoted in that court case. A statue of “Old Drum” still sits out front of the courthouse in Warrensburg, Missouri.

However, the phrase “man’s best friend” was 1st recorded by King Frederick of Prussia, in a poem. A few decades later “man’s best friend” was present in another poem, written by C.S. Winkle from the United States.

Wherever the phrase began, I truly believe the domestication of the dog is one of the best things to happen to humans. There is no denying that dogs are truly “man’s/woman’s” best friend no matter if you are sad, happy, rich or poor, your canine will ALWAYS be there on your journey, whatever it entails.

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