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Caissie Canine Instruction: Holiday K9 Gift Guide

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 14-month-old Red Goldendoodle named Rosie.

Hi everyone!!! I am a multi-gen red; both my mom and dad are red F1 Golden Doodles. Here is my mom and dad.

This is me, Rosie. My family says I am full of energy, and every day for me is a chance for fun and excitement. I love to play fetch at the park, go for hikes and swim in the lake at the cottage.

*****************************BONUS FEATURE**********************************


I would be the first person to acknowledge that my past 6 police dogs and my 2 current family dogs have provided me solace and therapy in times of need. Dogs can take your mind off daily problems and concerns.

Dogs do not have to be certified “therapy” to provide a light moment by just lying on their back at your feet waiting for a belly rub.

However, having a professionally certified Therapy and/or Service dog can provide even more benefits. With a well-trained Therapy/Service dog you will be permitted to bring your dog with you into many public establishments and facilities. You can even apply with airlines to have your dog sit with you on a flight.

There are very few certified professional trainers or services out there to assist you in obtaining a Therapy/Service Dog. I do provide this service and take great pride in being complete and thorough in the training and certification process.

When you are trained with Caissie Canine Instruction you will be trained with Level 1 on leash obedience. You will also be educated on your obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code and Accessibility Ontario Disability Act. This training profile is thorough and prepares you to handle a Therapy/Service dog professionally.

There is only one way to train. The right way.


Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

As we begin/or finish up our Christmas shopping, we always have a list of items/toys/puzzles that we look for, to give to our four-legged pet at Christmas time.

It is important to choose items that are fun, safe and durable. There are factors to consider when picking up a toy or puzzles for your dog. Such as your K9’s size, energy level, and age.

With safety in mind, for example, the “chuck-it ball” should be large enough to carry around. If the “chuck-it” ball is too small, it can get lodged in your k9’s mouth or throat. We also do not recommend altering a child’s toy to become a K9 toy.

We recommend purchasing your dog toys that are designed for K9’s, from a pet store and not the dollar store.

Remember to “dog-proof” your toy by removing any tags, ribbons, eyes or string that can be chewed off and ingested.

K9 puzzles are a fun option that can keep your dog busy for hours. Our clients break up small dog treats and place into the puzzles, for an instant “reward” when your K9 finds it.

If you are looking for something different, instead of a toy, Ren’s carries K9 health and wellness products, K9 beds, K9 clothing and accessories, and even safe cleaning products for dogs.


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