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Caissie Canine Instruction: How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful Corgi / Jindo mix named "Boone".


Boone is a rescue from Korea and came to us through an organization here in the GTA that helps to bring dogs to Canada in need of homes.

He’s very intelligent and well mannered, with a gentle disposition, but as any rescue, he still is a bit overwhelmed with his new surroundings.


But then again, he’ll surprise us with a little “silliness” and we see that he’s beginning to really enjoy his new “furever home”.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue


Checking the health of your dog’s ears is something most vets, groomers and owners tend to do. Giving your K9 a good ear rub when their ears are healthy, is quite enjoyable for your dog.

If your dog pulls away from having their ears touched, their ears could be sensitive, sore, or infected.


Some dogs do require regular ear cleaning to prevent build up dirt. Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels are amongst the breeds with the highest risk of getting ear infections.


Some dogs naturally have healthy, clean ears and almost never need to have their ears cleaned.


A healthy K9’s ears look pink, are odourless and shows no inflammation. Remember you do not want to “over-clean” your K9’s ears as this can cause irritation.

If you notice your K9 shaking their head more than usual or notice a mild odour in your dog’s ears, it is probably time for an ear cleaning.

However, if your dog’s ears smells “yeasty”, look inflamed and red, and your dog appears to be in pain call your vet to book an appointment as soon as possible.

When cleaning your dog’s ears at home you can use a cotton pad or gauze, you will need dog ear-cleaning solution and a clean towel. Do NOT use cotton swabs (Q-tips).


I know the internet is full of homemade dog cleaning solutions, however we recommend Veterinary Dog Ear Cleaning Solution as a safer choice.

Here are 3 easy steps to clean you K9’s ears:

1.    Have your supplies close by. Have your dog in a calm state before you begin. Use treats if necessary. You want this to be a positive experience.


2.    Squeeze your veterinarian ear-cleaning solution to fill your dog’s ear canal and massage gently at the base for about 30 seconds. The product works to dislodge and dissolve debris buildup.


3.    Let your dog shake their head afterwards. This is where you will need the towel to shield yourself and wipe down their face, if the solution drips out.  LOL. Finish by wiping down the ears with a cotton pad.


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