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Caissie Canine Instruction: How to Handle a High-Energy Dog?

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful Pitbull/Hound Mix named Walter.


In July of 2022 we decided to look at expanding our K9 pack. We had Cesar, who was my first dog and knew he was close to the Rainbow bridge. We reach out to Kelly at “RUFF START NEW BEGINNINGS”.


Kelly had a rescue who had recently had pups. Walter’s mom had 13 puppies unfortunately only three survived.


Walter came to us as a puppy at 8 weeks old. It was love at first sight. He has grown into a great companion. Walter is very playful and makes us laugh most of the time!!! LOL. He started to become dog aggressive at the farm where he went to for doggy daycare. This is how we enlisted the help of Paul. I must say after just two sessions we have made great strides.



Welcome to Doggie Dialogue


Yes, we do have K9 clients that have high-energy dogs. Even with your daily walks, hikes and runs, sometimes at the end of the day, your K9 seems to still have a ton of energy.


K9’s not only need to be physically active but mentally stimulated. One way to keep your K9 stimulated is when you are out on your walks, introduce them to some training exercises, play tug of war, or fetch or even hide some treats and get your K9 to sniff them out. This will help drain some of that extra energy.


Some of our clients, when at home, will introduce a lick mat or a Kong-filled with treats to drain that last bit of energy and help your K9 settle into the day. K9 puzzles or a snuffle mat are both excellent options as well.

 Remember some breeds naturally have high energy, especially K9’s that love to “herd”, such as Border Collies. German Shepherds that are working dogs, for example Police dogs, are always on high alert. Sporting dogs, Hounds, and Terrier groups are often bred to “work”. These breeds “want and need” to have a purpose.

 When deciding with your family, and considering your lifestyle, please do consider which breed will transition nicely into your family dynamics.


Remember to encourage and reward your K9 for calm behaviour. At the end of every walk or “playtime”, end on a positive note.


Should you need any assistance with your high energy K9, please free to reach out to Paul at any time.

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