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Caissie Canine Instruction: How to Include your K9 in your Wedding

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful Husky named Tupper.

Tupper came to us from a remote northern community in Manitoba. She is approximately 18 months old. Stray dogs in these communities are at risk when the overpopulation of dogs is interfering with daily life. ( i.e. kids walking to school)

With no vet clinics in these fly in communities, dogs are not spayed/neutered and thus the overpopulation of dogs is controlled by culls.

Tupper is a sweet gal, full of energy, and would love to join an active family. She attends K9 fit regularly where she has become a favourite of the staff. She is a curious gal who would thrive with an outdoorsy family, trail walks, and playing ball in the yard. Her “fav” is the game “KEEP AWAY”.

Tupper is enrolled with Caissie Canine training and we are making daily progress with her listening skills. Tupper is house-trained, crate trained, and looking for a loving family to give her the time she needs to settle in. A firm and FAIR leader will be required.


***************************************************BONUS FEATURE****************************************

K9 Corner with the Chief

Many dog owners enjoy having their dog/dogs perform tricks, participate in sport, have a work profile or even perform a job. In order to do so you must first evaluate your dog and find a method that will trigger the endorphins in your dog’s brain. Once that is establish you want to maintain your dog in a dopamine state, which is a natural chemical released in the brain to make the brain feel good.

So how do you accomplish this task?

This is done by evaluating your dog’s reward drives. Present a high value dog treat to see if you can engage and motivate your dog to perform a command. If you see that your dog is highly motivated and excited by this reward system then food reward may be your ticket to elevating behaviour and/or obedience results. Having a proper food pouch is a wonderful training tool as well. This is essential to ensure food rewards are timely upon positive commands.

Another motivational tool for performance is assessing the ball drive. There are many toys for training to choose from but I have my high value favourites for my dogs. Remember to have “the favourites” available only when you are present with your dog to play and motivate.

Once you are done your training session put them away till the next time. This will ensure your reward system is high and effective with your dog.

If you have a dog that is food and/or ball motivated, then they are very trainable and your levels of obedience/behaviour are certainly achievable.

Remember every day is a training day.


Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

Paul and I have been to a few weddings where the family dog/dogs were a beautiful part of their wedding ceremony. More couples want to include their K9 in their wedding, after all they are family and it’s super cute.

The first wedding we went to the pup walked down the aisle with the wedding party and sat nicely at the front of the venue. We recommend keeping your K9 on leash when doing this.

Before considering including your K9 in your wedding celebration ask yourself, is my dog happy to meet strangers? Will they jump up on my guests? Will the excitement scare them?

If the answer is yes or maybe, then we recommend not to subject your K9 to the frenzy.

However, there are different ways to include your K9 throughout your wedding celebration and that is through cute doggie photos, doggie place cards, paw print confetti, a K9 wedding cake topper, and when you send out your thank you cards.

If you feel your dog has the perfect temperament to participant in your wedding day celebration, we recommend hiring a pet sitter, such as Judy from “Move Your Doggie" to help out as you will be busy meeting and greeting.

It will give you a sense of relief knowing your K9 will be safe and comfortable. Your dog sitter can offer a quiet area for your K9, if needed.

Remember if your revenue allows dogs in their indoor facility, church, or synagogue, we recommend at the “rehearsal” let your dog sniff and explore their surroundings, therefore on the wedding day it will be familiar terrain.

We recommend let all the wait staff, D.J., videographer/photographer that your dog/dogs will be part of the ceremony. Remember there are individuals that may have allergies or a fear of dogs. Be respectful.

Having a well-prepared plan will help ensure everything goes smoothly and you will create wonderful memories.

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