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Caissie Canine Instruction: K9 Safety Tips for the Long Weekend

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful Mastiff Cross named Warrior.

This is my sweet Warrior. Warrior is 2 years old and 140-pound Mastiff cross, that enjoys cuddles and being outside every chance he can get!!! I was struggling to train and socialize him during COVID, unfortunately that took a big affect on his behaviour as he grew up. All he knew was our other dogs and people in our house. I was feeling a bit hopeless that I was unable to figure out ways to improve his behaviour and interactions with people and animals outside of our home.

A dog with anxiety can be unpredictable around new people.

He’s truly a complete suck and a big squish with us, I was confused on how to go about being able to correct his behaviour, as he is so unbelievably smart when surrounded by people he knows.

Thanks to only 2 sessions so far with Paul I’ve seen quite amazing improvements!! I am so beyond thankful my mother was able to find someone so passionate about helping others, give the care to keep our animals safe, and time to improve into their full potentials. We still have so much more to go, but being able to walk my sweet boy and not see him pull and react to others as much really gets me excited to continue the process every day. Thank you, Paul Caissie, – Briar and Warrior.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

With the long weekend soon approaching and many people going away on vacation, or doing day trips or going camping, here are some helpful tips to keep you and your K9’s safe.

When travelling in your vehicle to your destination, please leave the air conditioning on in the car when you’re driving, and NEVER leave your dog unattended in your car/truck.

When camping or hiking, please ensure the park is dog friendly. Remember to keep your K9 on leash while on the trial and bring water for both of you. Stay hydrated. If your K9 is going to be out in the sun, please consider pet-friendly sunscreen around your K9’s nose.

Remember, when hiking please ensure your K9 is up to date with their vaccines including flea and tick and heartworm prevention.

When at the cottage, or someone else’s cottage we recommend always keeping your dog on leash and on the property. Remember your K9’s recall maybe great at home, but the excitement of a new property may cause your K9 to wander. This is why we recommend having your K9 microchipped.

When boating, please ensure your K9 has a properly fitted life jacket.

When your K9 is around water and/or before they go in swimming, please remove their training collar to prevent the collar from snagging on debris in the water. Be aware of fast-moving water and currents, as your K9 may tire more quickly when in the lake.

While outdoors please be mindful of any plants that your K9 might be allergic to, or plants that maybe poisonous such as sago palms, azaleas, lilies, tulip bulbs and yews.

When camping or at a cottage try to avoid giving your K9 unfamiliar foods or table scraps, as it could upset their stomach.

When travelling plan to ensure you have the necessary dog supplies, including a food bowl, medications, an extra collar and leash, and lots of poop bags. LOL.

Have a wonderful and safe long weekend.

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