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Caissie Canine Instruction: K9 Trivia

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 3-year-old Labrador Cross named Royal.

I am a rescue from San Antonia, Texas. My family describes me as a “bull in the China shop kind of guy.” On my walks, I desperately want to socialize with other dogs, I have made peace with the squirrels, but I am in constant pursuit of the neighbourhood cats.

My family says I am affectionate and playful. I am working on “engagement” with my family during walks and learning not to jump up on everyone I meet. At home my family says I am an energetic soul and I cling to my family to secretly look for ways to trick them into endless back and belly scratches.

My mom says that sadly my endless attempts to curl up into their laps, end in utter failure each and every time. LOL.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! I thought for this week’s blog we could have some fun, family, K9 trivia.

1. What is the most popular breed of dog in Canada?





2. Which dog breed “yodels” instead of barks?





3. Which dog breed has a black tongue?





4. Which dog breed is the smallest of them all?





5. What dog breed did Queen Elizabeth own?





6. Which one of the 5 senses are the most highly developed amongst K9’s?



7. What is the most common “voice” command taught to K9’s?




8. How many teeth does an adult dog have?





9. Dogs can only see in black and white?



10. Which body part do dogs sweat through?



11. Which dog breed’s “coat” has the texture of human hair?





12. Who remembers this ONE???? The name of the dog on the front of the “Cracker Jack Box”?






#1. Labrador #2. Basenji #3. Chow Chow #4. Chihuahua #5. Corgi #6. Smell #7. Sit

#8. 42 #9. False #10. Paws #11. Smooth Fox Terrier #12. Bingo


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