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Caissie Canine Instruction: My Favourite Human is………

We begin this week with our “RUFF TAILS” featuring another beautiful Cane Corso named Karma.

My mom and dad tells everyone “Don’t let her calm disposition fool you, she is small but mighty. ”However, her brother Diesel (featured last week) says “Karma’s a bitch” HEE HEE!!

Clearly as you can see, I totally ignore him, because everyone else thinks I am sweet and super cuddly.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue:

Most people believe that the dog’s favourite person is whoever feeds them or gives them the most attention. While that may be the case, it is not always that simple.

Do you have a friend or family member that your dog loves so much, they would knock you over to get to them? We do!!! Why is that?

Here are a few factors that can influence your dog’s decision:

1. Who they socialize with early is a BIG factor. An important socialization period between birth and six months, when the puppy brains are developing, is key.

The person, who is there during this period, create more positive experiences and thus becoming a favourite person.

2. It is important to socialize your dog when they are a puppy, with different age groups, and types of people,

as this will help your dog to be more comfortable with people later on. (because of Covid, Daisy, has not met a lot of people and seems to be more fearful around people, then dogs)

3. Affection improves the bond. Dogs usually fall in love with the person who gives them the most physical attention and love.

Lots of petting, massages, and play will cause a dog to love that person.

4. Positive associates are HUGE. The human the dog associates as their favourite is a person who gives off warm, positives vibes. Dogs are attracted to people who have a similar personality to them.

5. Spend time together. The person, who spends more one on one time with the dog, everyday creates a stronger bond. Playing, training, or learning a different skill set (like tracking, dock diving., etc…) create a positive association.

There are certain breeds, that can be stubborn, opinionated, and highly intelligent and require owners who are unwavering leaders. These breeds tend to get attached to one person and only one person. These breeds are Blue Heelers, Australian Cattle Dogs and Chow Chows.

However, always remember no dog is the same. (regardless of the breed) All dogs have their own personality, funny quirks and the above breeds, have thrived in many families, and follow instruction beautifully.

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Eilidh Ashmore
Eilidh Ashmore
Aug 11, 2021

Our Aengus has a bit of that people fear going on thanks to COVID too. Be strong Daisy! 💕

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