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Caissie Canine Instruction: Pet Ownership Tips for your Newly Adopted K9

This week we will be expanding the family FUN with a “word search” for you to enjoy. Good Luck and have some FUN!!!!


Welcome to Doggie Dialogue


Some people may have adopted a dog over the holiday season and will be bringing them home for the first time. This can be very exciting, but scary for your new K9.


Here are a few tips for a smooth transition:


1.     Have a dog bed, bowls, leash, collar with I.D. tag, crate, and food already at home before your new K9 arrives.


2.     Stay calm in your car as you travel home with your new K9.


3.     Keep your new K9 on leash and let them go for a short walk or let them explore your backyard when you first get home.


4.     Give your K9 time to rest and feel secure when inside their new home.


5.     When inside the house, we recommend keeping your K9 in his own confined space to start.

During the orientation period, we recommend creating a daily routine, and keeping your newly adopted dog on the same food for the 1st two weeks before gradually switching food, if need be.


Be patience, especially with housetraining. Giving him/her frequent walks will assist with any accidents inside your home.


We recommend to gradually introduce household family members calmly, one at a time. Remember to supervise carefully when your dog meets children.


We suggest keeping your new dog separate from other pets at first. You can introduce them outside on a neutral ground while on-leash, and only for a few minutes.


Give it time, it will take your new K9 awhile to “feel at home”. Be patient.


Remember the 333 rules. It will take your K9 3 days to climatize to their new surroundings, 3 weeks to settle in and 3 months to build trust and a family bond.


Should you need any assistance with this transition, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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