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Caissie Canine Instruction: Pet Sitter VS Boarding

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful six-year-old Sheepadoodle named Stanley.

Mom says I am active, goofy, and loving. I love off leash walks, playing tug of war and fishing.

I am working on my separation anxiety and with my training my mom says she has noticed a lot of positive change.

I am also getting better at staying home alone. Mom says I will always be a goofy boy, but I am the BEST boy!!!

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

Pet sitter or boarding, oh so many more options then 30 years ago!!!

The traditional care, years ago, for your K9 was a pet boarding facility. Many of these facilities had steel runs, plastics crates, and concrete floors. There was not a lot of K9 social activity and sometimes the facility looked a little run down and depressing.

Now, we have pet resorts and pet hotels. It’s amazing the advancement in pet care. In these pet resorts there are plenty of dog/cat cots/beds,

DogTV, and plexi-glass all around so your dog/cat can see everything and everyone.

Some of these dog camps/resorts offer swimming, one-on-one play dates, and/or canine massage.

If you are choosing a dog camp, we recommend Dogs at Camp, in Uxbridge. Unfortunately, they are booked solid for the summer already!!! If your dog is high energy, or has a high dog reactivity, this is not the best option for your K9.

We recommend for high energy dogs or nervous/high anxiety k9’s to consider

This service has great “dog lovers” who open their home to look after your K9. This gives your dog social interaction, a “homey” environment, and is not as overwhelming as boarding facilities/camps. Most individuals from only take on one dog at a time, which is great.

If you have a senior dog or a dog with health issues, we recommend boarding your dog at a veterinary facility. Remember this type of facility will have a “traditional” set up. However, your dog will have access to veterinary care.

As for pet sitting, there are 2 types of “sitters”. The 1st type of “sitter” will come into your home, a few times throughout the day,

feed your dog, let your dog out, and/or play in the backyard with your K9.

The other type of “sitter” is a temporary live-in sitter who will not only look after your K9 but will pick up mailers/newspapers at your door, water your plants, and even take phone messages.

There are a few things to consider when choosing K9 care.

#1. What would be best for you financially, as cost will vary.

#2. The age and health of your dog

#3. The anxiety/stress level of your dog

#4. The length of time you will be gone

We personally have never had our dogs at a camp, yet.

I know Daisy, our Lab would love it. Jaxon has high anxiety and would not be the perfect fit.

As for our police dogs, they were cared for at a private boarding facility, or left at the police station, when we went away.

Jaxon and Daisy, our dogs now, would best enjoy a live-in pet sitter, as this would help with their stress level, and they would be able to stay in their home environment in which they are a customize to.

Remember you know your dog best.

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