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Caissie Canine Instruction: Preparing for the “SITTER”

We begin this week’s "RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful Rotti/Corso mix named Clifford.

We adopted Clifford in October of 2022 at just 6 months old. Right off the bat Clifford was a very energetic boy! He constantly wanted to play, no bouts of play followed by rest…..he would literally go all day. Since he didn’t seem to have an off switch, we would entertain him throughout the day to give our other dogs a break from his constant demands to play. He loves going for walks and food puzzles. Clifford enjoys an assortment of dog toys, but was going through them quickly as he is a powerful chewer.

In January Clifford had an intestinal blockage that required surgery. The recovery time for him was a full 4 weeks, during this time it was really important to keep our non-stop boy calm and quiet. This is when we discovered Clifford’s love for balls! We had never gotten one before and he was so happy to just lay and chew a large squishy ball. (supervised of course) As he recovered, he advanced to gentle catches in place and now full out chases.

To this day, a ball is still his favourite thing in the world! I have an amazon subscription, with regular deliveries, so he is never without one! LOL. Clifford also has a very soft side, he loves all people, pets, kisses, and cuddles. (With mom the most) He is a big boy, a good boy and is learning how to be the very best boy!

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

Leaving our pets in someone else’s care can be stressful for you and your pets. Being prepared to help things go smoothly helps out greatly. The goal is to keep your pets safe, healthy and comfortable while you are away.

If you have multiple pets, please label all food and food containers for each pet, especially if you have multiple pets on different or “special” diets. Please ensure you leave plenty of food.

We recommend to leave feeding instructions, such as portion size, feeding times, and most important can your pets be fed together or do they need to be separated. You do not want any accidents due to food aggression behaviours or having one pet eating all of the other pet’s food.

If your pets are on medication, please have enough on hand and instructions for administration. Please stress to your pet sitter that “ALL” food and medications have to be keep out of reach from all pets.

We recommend you leave your vet’s name and phone number for your pet sitter. Also, let your vet know you have given your authorization to your pet sitter in case of an emergency. Remember to also leave your destination info and number you can be reached.

If your dog wears a collar with an I.D. tag on it, please ensure your dog is never left alone with it on in the home, as it can get caught in the air vent or crate openings. When you are away we recommend for you to remove all small dog toys to prevent choking hazards, and for extra safety, remove all plants and cleaning supplies as well.

We recommend to leave poop bags, bowls, food and a pet first aid kit in a safe place for your pet sitter to find easily, but out of reach of your pets.

Please ensure your backyard is secure and we recommend for you to ask your pet sitter to keep your dog on leash at all times when outside to prevent your K9 from escaping.

Happy Vacay!!!!

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