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Caissie Canine Instruction: Protective Dog Breeds

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 7-month-old Fox Red Labrador Retriever named Rocky.

My mom and dad say I am confident, super friendly, love my walks, and I am learning to retrieve!! I am also working on my occasional stubborn streak. HEE! HEE!

I was named after the famous “ROCKY BALBOA”, (Stallone movies) and as you can see I am ready for my cameo……just sayin’

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue:

Dogs are often thought of as protective guardians over their human family. Most dogs will protect; however, some breeds were originally bred to be a working dog or bred for a particular type of protection.

Here are just a few of these breeds:

Bullmastiff are known as the silent guardian.

They are confident and fearless. This breed, years ago, were bred to keep large estates free from poachers. The Bullmastiff would track and pin down any suspects, but never causing any harm.

Chinese Shar-Pei are perimeter guard dogs. This breed MUST be socialized as puppies and trained, as they are super loyal and protective over their owners. This breed may end up being the type of dog that ONLY the family can be around, if not socialized when young. This can be true with Standard Schnauzers as well.

Great Pyrenees were bred to protect livestock.

They are very alert and great protectors. Keep in mind this breed barks a lot and should be watched around children, as rough play can cause this breed to go into “guard mode”.

Doberman Pinscher were bred to be personal guardians. They are strong, fast, intelligent and always on alert.

Australian Shepherd and Swiss Mountain Dogs are the all-around farm dog. They are fabulous at herding, guarding, and a great watchdog. They will protect your property at all costs.

Cane Corso were bred to be hunters and watchdogs. They are affectionate to their family, but they take their “watchdog” job seriously, and need proper socialization from a young age to be a good canine citizen.

German Shepherds are natural guardians. They were originally bred for herding, therefore they sees your property as their “boarder”. Shepherds are fiercely loyal and fabulous watchdogs. This breed is used by many police agencies as they love to work, stay calm under pressure, and are highly trainable.

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