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Caissie Canine Instruction: Puppy Scams

As we close out the family FUN for the month of January, I realized I am not great at word searches. LOL. Therefore, this week I chose to go back to K9 trivia.  ENJOY and good luck!!!


1.     What dog breed did Queen Elizabeth own?





***Golden Retriever


2.     Which dog breed is the smallest of them all?


***Shih Tzu





3.     What is the most popular breed of dog in Canada?



              ***German Shepherd

              ***Yorkshire Terrier

              ***Labrador Retriever


4.     Which dog breed “yodels” instead of barks?




              ***Bassett Hound



5.     What is the most common “voice” command taught to K9’s?





             ***Leave it




Welcome to Doggie Dialogue


Puppy/Pet scammers are very clever, and their ads often seem like the real deal. Just because they have beautiful pictures, it doesn’t mean that they are real.

The scammer will use “official sounding” pet company names. Please google everything they send you to double check!!! We recommend paying close attention to the email address they are using.

Also pay attention to the grammar they use and how fast they rush you for payment.


Pet scammers will often ask you ONLY for the “transportation costs” which is often a very low fee, but beware. If the seller or breeder asks you to pay by MoneyGram or Western Union, the chances are greater they are not a reputable pet handler.


Many scammers will also claim the pet is being held at the airport and won’t be released until “another payment” is made. Sometimes they will tell you there is a last-minute request for insurance. Remember the scammer DOES NOT have a pet in their possession. 

Many scammers will use the professional names of the company of legitimate pet shippers. They pirate their websites and use their logos illegally.

You can double check with the IPATA (International Pet and Animal Association) for not only the members who belong and are legal pet shippers, but they also have a list of all the fraudulent companies.

Remember pet scam criminals tend to use free websites, such as Craig’s List, Facebook, or Local Newspapers.


You will also notice the expensive breeds, such as toy breeds, or Bulldogs are often priced lower than normal. Please do your homework and due diligence and remember if it sounds too good to be true, RUN!!!


ANSWERS   #1. Corgi   #2. Chihuahua   #3. Labrador Retriever   #4. Basenji   #5. Sit

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