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Caissie Canine Instruction: Rainy Day Walking

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful Golden Labrador Retriever named Brodie.

Hi everyone, my name is Brodie, and I love everyone I meet. I am practicing not to jump up on people and to stay down. I love playing with every dog I meet, which moms says it can be tricky on my walks, as we must be welcomed first by the other dog owners. I love playing fetch in my big backyard with my family and could play ALLLLLL day.

My human brother and sister have taught me voice commands, such as “sit”, “paw”, “down” and “stay”. I have realized afterwards I often get a little treat. I like my dog treats and my dog food as well. I love shoes, hats, socks, and stuffed animals, and my favourite past time is chewing, however my family supervises me, and I am learning the voice command “leave it”.

Mom says I am the sweetest little puppy and such a big part of our family. I love my family.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

Rainy day walking with your K9 can be slippery for both of you. Puppies and senior dogs may baulk at the idea of going out for a walk in the rain, especially if they are afraid of a heavy downpour and find their visibility challenged.

Older dogs and puppies have a tougher time navigating through the puddles. For older dogs we recommend checking the weather ahead of time before venturing out.

We know some dogs love the rain and love getting muddy, however other K9’s prefers a raincoat. You know your dog best. Most pet stores will help you size your K9’s raincoat for the right fit and comfort.

Remember to remove the raincoat immediately when you get home, therefore your dog will not overheat.

We know many dogs do not like wearing rain boots, however they can protect your dog’s paws from harmful bacteria, lawn or outdoor chemicals. We recommend wiping your K9’s paws with a clean towel after a rainy day walk.

On rainy days we recommend keeping your walks short, wear bright and reflective clothes, and do NOT let your dog drink rainwater.

(Rainwater can be full of dirt, bacteria and/or chemicals). Please bring a bottle of water for you and your K9.

Remember safety is the number one priority when walking your K9 in the rain. If your dog is afraid of bad weather/lightening, or thunderstorms, please do not go out for a walk for your own safety and for your dog’s safety.

If your K9 is highly impulsive they may become too reactive to control. This could cause a slip and fall situation, and a loose dog on the run.

Forced walks can lead to a bad experience. It is better to wait out the storm. If you have a fenced in backyard, your dog can go out for a quick pee, if needed. Remember to use your best judgement for rainy days walks.

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