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CAISSIE CANINE INSTRUCTION: "REMEMBER...Every day is a training day!"

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue:

Our topic this week focuses on the various types of training. As a dog owner, there is often an overwhelming amount of information and opinions on various training techniques. Our hope this week is to help ease your mind and discuss various training techniques and methods that we strongly believe in, and incorporate in our packages with our clients.

Dog training should be based on positive reinforcement; good behaviour should be acknowledged and rewarded. The reward provided when training should be something your dog values, for example his/her favourite toy or treat. As a handler, it is crucial that you are patient and full of praise when reinforcing good behaviour. Our canine companions respond to consistency, when praised accordingly our canines are able to differentiate between “good” and “bad” behaviour.

We recommend that you avoid raising your voice with your dog. Whether you are praising or scolding your animal, raising your voice when happy and angry can be very confusing for your dog and negatively impact their training. If you are praising your pet, a simple “good boy/girl” followed by their desired item of value is sufficient. Here’s another way to think of it, if you are potting training your toddler and provide them with a big celebration/praise every time they use their potty, they develop an unrealistic expectation that this response = “good” and anything less than that = “bad”. The same thing can be said for our canines. Provide a consistent and realistic response for praise.

REMEMBER: that we can’t expect dogs to know, what they don’t know.

CAISSIE CANINE INSTRUCTION offers a wide range of training. We offer private one-on-one training in your home environment and on-going internet/e-mail support for the LIFETIME of your dog.


Puppy Package (12-16 weeks): Sessions typically run from 1-3 hours max. – our sessions typically do not extend beyond this as puppies typically start to dose off – nap time is happening whether you like it or not!

· All family members can participate. You will receive an electronic training manual and proper training collar.

· You will learn and practice enforcing basic obedience, sit, stand, come and heel.

· Provide on-going training to reinforce desired behavior. Practice daily 10-15 times per day. Training helps provide mental stimulation for your dog as well.

REMEMBER, consistency is key!

OBEDIENCE TRAINING LEVEL 1, 2, and 3 Package: from 1 hour and up (4 sessions)


This training will review the 6 basic obedience commands of sit, down, stand, come and heel. We will address behavior concerns such as jumping, destructive chewing, house training, and nipping. We will help build confidence with your dog, if your dog is displaying signs of being anxious, nervous, or timid.

LEVEL 2 Obedience is ADVANCED on all levels above, on leash, eliminating food rewards.

LEVEL 3 Obedience is HIGH LEVEL AVANCED and off leash.

E-COLLAR TRAINING Package: From 1 hour and up (4 sessions)

This training is the MOST ADVANCED technological canine training tool on the market for behavior modification and obedience. We only work with an endorsed system for professional training.


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