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Caissie Canine Instruction: Sleeping Positions

We begin this week with “NO DOG LEFT BEHIND”. Paul and I found some pictures in our archives from 2021 graduates and would love to feature them in our blog this week.

Chase - Dutch-Terrier mix

Puppy Graduate

Sully - Shepherd - Collie - Retriever mix

E - Collar participant

Bruno - Golden Doodle

Puppy Graduate

Zeus and Luna - German Shepherd

E - Collar Graduates

If you have not featured your canine, as a 2021 canine graduate, and would love to, please forward your picture to

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 1 year old Labernese named Oliver.

When I first came home to my new family, they were not sure if they made the right decision, as I am big and have a lot of energy.

After doing my training and lots of “homework”, my family says I am now playful, loyal and very social. I heard them say, “We can’t imagine him not being a part of our family now”. I am so lucky; I love my family!!!!

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue:

Did you know the amount of time your dog sleeps can reveal a lot about their health and/or personality?

A healthy and energetic adult dog will spend approximately 12-14 hours per day sleeping.

Senior dogs, with health issues, or puppies will require even more rest.

Dogs do not follow a binary sleeping pattern like humans do.

One of the most common sleeping positions, is known as the “curl up”.

This sleeping position dates back hundreds of years. Dogs, who lived in the wild, would sleep this way to protect their vital organs. This position allows your canine to stay warm, but also allows him/her to get up quickly, if needed.

Canines that love to sleep in this position would enjoy the “donut cuddler” dog bed, it is quite popular.

Another sleeping position your canine may enjoy, is being a “side sleeper”.

Most dogs that sleep this way are comfortable and secure in their surroundings. Dogs that are “happy go lucky” tend to sleep in this position.

However, the sleeping position most toy/small dogs, even puppies enjoy, is to stretch out their back legs, and presume the “superman” pose.

This allows small dogs to stand up and be on their paws right away.

In the summer months, dogs may sleep on their bellies to cool down.

The gel-infused memory foam beds are great for larger breeds. Another way dogs like to cool down, is by laying on their backs.

The dog’s fur on their belly is thinner and their paws hold their sweat glands, therefore when they lay on their backs they are “airing out” LOL.

Your dog would say that their FAVOURITE sleeping position is snuggling up to you. When you snuggle them back they will definitely be the happiest dog in the world.

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