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Caissie Canine Instruction: The Benefits of Brushing Your Dog

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring 3 beautiful Cane Corso’s  named Apollo, Titan, and Athena.


My little fur family consists of some Greek gods; Athena, Titan and Apollo all live up to their namesakes! Athena is a little fiery force to recon with, constantly battling the boys and running the show within the pack.



Titan is the relaxed patriarch watching others with amusement while Apollo….is always looking to be in the centre of attention, just like the sun god he’s named after!!!


Welcome to Doggie Dialogue


With summertime here you may notice your K9 is shedding out their winter coat. Regular brushing keeps your K9’s skin and hair healthy. The natural oils with smooth and shine your dog’s coat.

When you brush your K9 on a regular basis you will be able to see fleas and ticks easier and identify any lumps, sore spots, or injuries that maybe hidden under their fur.

A well-brushed coat helps to create a positive experience ahead of visiting your groomer. When brushing your K9 at home we recommend for smaller dogs to have them up on a sturdy, small non-slip table with no restraint, in case they try to jump down.

For larger dogs, we recommend finding a quiet place on the ground without distractions and to leash them up. You will still want your K9 on a non-slip surface as well.


We recommend starting slowly and allow your K9 to sniff the brush first and reward them with a high value treat before you begin. You will want to use a slicker brush and/or comb to address specific areas on your dog.

If your K9 has short hair, a curry brush would be helpful, while a detangling comb is best for double-coated breeds.


Brushing should be a regular part of your dog’s health care routine.

New puppies should be gently introduced to brushing early in life to make positive associations with it. It is important with puppies and high energy dogs that are new to brushing to give them frequent breaks in the beginning. Always end your brushing session on a positive note.

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