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Caissie Canine Instruction: UGH Fireworks!!!!!

We begin this week with our “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful Dutch mix Terrier, named Chase.

Dad and mom said we are going for a ride in the van and to put our seatbelts on………

Then I explained “I am the seatbelt” HEE HEE.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue:

Fireworks, to your dog, are loud, unpredictable, and a perceived threat. Most dogs this will trigger a fight or flight response.

Each dog is different. For example, our German Shepherd shows signs of anxiety, panting, barking and pacing during the firework display.

However, our yellow Lab, runs and hides in her dog house. Yet, my dad’s dog, a hunting dog, is desensitizes to the fireworks, because she is so use to the sounds and smells of gun powder and the loud bang of a rifle.

Dogs experience the world through their senses: nose, eyes, and ears. Fireworks are closer to the ground, more vibrant, and accompanied by sudden booms.

More pets run away on the 4th of July then any other day of the year. Running away from the noise is a survival instinct.

To help prepare for those special weekends we recommend to try out some of the following techniques that have worked for us.

1. Take your dog for a long, long, walk earlier in the day to tire him/her out and to help put your dog into a calm state prior to the fireworks.

2. Close all windows/curtains and turn on some music, if possible. (we use classical music)

3. Create a quiet space and/or den where your dog can feel “in control” (we bring a travel crate inside our home)

4. If you use fans to combat the summer heat and your dog is familiar to that sound, turn your fan up a notch.

5. Make or purchase a “thunder coat”. The thunder coat must be put on “before” the fireworks begin. If your dog is already panting this coat will NOT work. (see Pinterest for DIY)

6. Top up your dog’s water bowl. Anxious dogs get thirsty from constant panting.

7. Stay calm, cheerful, and send positive signals to your dog to reassure them.

Some Veterinarians have recommended anxiety medication, for their client’s dogs, during fireworks. We have never personally used them with any of our dogs, but we have heard great reviews.

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