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Caissie Canine Instruction: Why do dogs beg?

As we continue the FAMILY FUN for January, we have included an advanced “WORD SEARCH” this week for you. Last week I found 2 dog names in the word search that weren’t even on the list. LOL. Good Luck.


Welcome to Doggie Dialogue


Dogs need food to survive, and they are hardwired to seek it out. Dogs are also driven by their sense of smell. Naturally, they want to check out what you are eating and wonder if it is something they should try to get into their mouth. Because this is an instinctual drive, to seek food out, this means that dogs will often beg for food.

Dogs quickly figure out that if they act a certain way it will encourage the interaction between them and their owner. Such as, the owner saying “she/he is so darn sweet” or “Oh look at those cute puppy eyes” and don’t forget the dogs that give you the long, long, polite stares. LOL.


However, some K9’s will get pushier, nuzzling your hands or even jumping on the table. This demanding type of begging is not desirable for dog owners.

We recommend during mealtime to consider keeping your dog separated by a gate or crate, therefore your K9 will not be able to begin any begging behaviours at the table.

We recommend keeping the kitchen as clean as possible after dinner, which will really help to prevent your dog from getting tidbits, or crumbs on the floor or table, which unfortunately really reinforces the begging behaviour.


If you find your dog is jumping onto the table after dinner looking for scraps, we recommend pushing in your chairs or placing them upside down onto the table, therefore removing easy access for your dog.

It is important NOT to encourage this unwanted begging behaviour by giving your dog any attention or worse giving them any table scraps. Ignore your dog!!! Remember dogs will continue to do what WORKS!!! If your dog receives attention of any kind, such as touching or talking, or a bit of food, they will keep doing it!!!


We always feed our dog Jaxon before we eat our dinner, therefore he can stay in the same room without begging, as he has a full belly. You can always use a snuffle mat or a stuffed food toy to make your dog’s mealtime last a little longer, while you finish your dinner.


Should you need any assistance with this behaviour, please feel free to reach out at any time.

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