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Caissie Canine Instruction: Why Do Dogs Cobb?

Well, the FAMILY FUN is getting a little more challenging with these word searches LOL. Nope, I did not find all the words last week, but congratulations to all of you that did. Well done!!!



Welcome to Doggie Dialogue


Cobbing is when your dog is simply gently nibbling on you, the cat, other dogs, or other objects, such as a toy or a blanket. Cobbing is a universal dog behaviour.


When a dog “cobbs” they will peel back their upper and lower lips and just use their front teeth to gently nibble on you. This action resembles the human action of nibbling on corn-on-the-cob with your front teeth, hence the name “cobbing”.


So why do dog’s cobb? When newborn puppies are born, they will cobb at their mother’s teat to encourage the production of milk.

Because of this behaviour at such a young age, when they get older this becomes a sign of affection later in their lives.


Your dog will show affection by cobbing you when they feel secure and comfortable. Most dogs will do this when they are relaxed and sitting beside you. When your K9 cobbs another pet, this is a sign of a positive relationship.


When dogs want to play, they will sometimes start nibbling at each other in a playful manner.

If your K9 has an itch on their body and they need to scratch it, they will use a chomping motion with their front teeth. This type of cobbing is different from the usual gentle nibbing.


If your K9 continuously cobbs at their own body non-stop it may be a sign that they are trying to remove a parasite (such as a flea) or an object stuck in their fur.


Some dogs will cobb to relieve stress and anxiety. Cobbing can be self-soothing. K9’s will “cobb” sometimes to seek attention and want to interact with you, their owner.


Remember do not let your K9 nip or bite even when playing. This is NOT cobbing.


Cobbing is only a problem when it becomes excessive. For example, if your K9 has a lot of anxiety or stress and start excessively cobbing their own body to soothe themselves. Your dog can break the skin and cause “hot spots”.

If your K9 becomes excessive with this behaviour, please seek out veterinary assistance.

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