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Caissie Canine Instruction: Winter Activities with your K9

Happy New Year everyone!!! May this year bring you good health, joy and happiness. May you all continue to work towards your K9 training goals, and if need be, please feel free to reach out anytime for any assistance at


This month we are going to have some family fun with some K9 trivia. Let’s see how much FUN you can have!!!! Good Luck.


1.     How many teeth does an adult dog have?

24, 42, 16, 32


2.     Through what part of the body do dogs sweat?

Armpits, Ears, Backside, Paws


3.     What is the most common training command taught to dogs?

Stay, Sit, Beg, Shake a Paw


4.     What is a dog’s most highly developed sense?

Taste, Smell, Sight, Touch


(answers are at the bottom of the blog!!!)


**********************BONUS FEATURE*****************************


                                         K9 Corner with the Chief


“Who is flying the plane?”

In your canine pack who is your PILOT and who is your CO-PILOT???


In many households I see many canines that are the pilot. Can this lead to creating problems of   poor behaviour and obedience? It sure can.


I always recommend the canine owner should be the pilot flying the plane. This can be easily done by timely communication methods. When engaging with a calm demeanor and confidence this will assist in keeping your blood pressure and your K9’s blood pressure at a normal rate.


Some folks have the misunderstanding that if they reprimand their canines too much that they will not develop a lovable pack bond. Interesting enough it is the exact opposite. Your canine will become more appreciative of your “captain” position and enjoy your company even more. This is simply because your canine will clearly understand your expectations and follow you better with a calmer disposition.


Our canines can instinctually recognize who is strong and are best to lead them. When they sense this from a human their overall personality will be a feeling of being protected and safe in the household pack. Be the pilot so your canine can be a happy co-pilot.




Welcome to Doggie Dialogue


Dogs love wintertime. Taking your K9 out for an evening walk allows them to take in the beautiful sights of the festive lights.

Some K9’s even love their winter sweater when they are out and about. Remember to remove their sweater in a timely manner when inside, so your K9 does not overheat.


Most dogs love the snow.

Getting outside to build a snowman or making snow angels, your dog will enjoy being with you. Remember to watch for signs that your dog maybe getting too cold and it’s time to come indoors.


Many K9’s also love staying inside, snuggling by the fireplace, sleeping on their blanket, or on the couch “watching” movies as well.

On really cold days you can play some indoor games with your K9. We recommend doing a treasure hunt inside using carrot sticks and apple slices, dogs love this one!!! 

Having a food puzzle or a lick mat for your K9 is also a great indoor activity. Another activity is building an indoor obstacle course which can be fun for both kids and K9. You can find many indoor activities for your K9’s on Pinterest as well.


ANSWERS to the trivia questions

1.     42

2.     PAWS

3.     SIT

4.     SMELL

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