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Caissie Canine Instruction: Dog Toys

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful Bernedoodle named Gordie.

My mom and dad say I am a happy-go-lucky dog who loves to hike, run and snuggle. My mom says I am notorious for leaning against people (the Bernese Lean lol)

Mom says the pandemic has been hard on me. I was a very sociable dog and loved to play with other dogs. Now I am fearful on my leash, and I am starting to avoid humans and other dogs. I am working with Paul to help me undo this new behaviour, so I can enjoy my walks again.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

Dogs should ALWAYS be supervised when playing with a toy, especially if it is a toy that can be rip apart.

The squeaky toys are our dogs’ favourites; however, it does not take long for them to rip out the “squeaker” which can be very harmful if ingested.

The most common material used to “stuff” dog toys is polyester fiberfill, which is not digestible. Please check the material label on your chosen k9 toy to ensure the “stuffing” are not nutshells or polystyrene beads, as this type of filling can be dangerous.

Depending on the size of your dog and their activity level, we recommend choosing a toy that would be most suitable for not only their size, but age as well.

Smaller toys for large dogs are not always safe, as larger breeds can swallow and choke on small parts of a toy, such as ribbons, eyes, tags, and string, especially when these parts get chewed off.

Fetch is a wonderful activity for your k9, however tennis balls or small chuck balls, depending on the size of your dog, these balls can become lodged in your dog’s throat and block their airway. For our dog Jaxon, the chuck-it balls are too small and soft for his size and bite force.

We use the bende ball or tug with rope from K9 Dynamics for our dogs. Be mindful your dog may chew the rope off, as both of our dogs have done so in the past.

The bende ball and tug must be supervised when your k9 is playing with these dog toys. For people who like to camp, cottage, or boat, you can also get floatable tug toys as well.

Here are a few toys that Paul and I like. Yes, the bende balls and tugs for sure, but The Kong treat dispensing dog toy is a great paw/eye coordination product, with an instant treat reward.

Our dogs love the Kong Wubba.

We like this toy because of the durable reinforced nylon, therefore harder to rip apart. The Kong Wild Knots are great for smaller dogs.

The Chuck it “Breathe Right Fetch Ball” is good for small breed dogs with breathing problems. This ball floats and can facilitate airflow to your dog’s lungs while they are running. (too small of toy for our dogs)

The Classic Kong toy is not only used by our dogs, but Paul used this toy with the police dogs as well.

If you have a k9 that is nervous, or has anxiety there are lavender infused Kongs that may help calm down your dog. We have not used these Kongs personally, but would love feedback on anyone who has tried them.

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