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Caissie Canine Instruction: How to Balance Multiple Pets

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue:

This week’s “RUFF TAILS” features a canine pack of FOUR!!!!

YES FOUR!!!!! Meet Indica, Charlee, Chloe, and Lewis. Our mom and dad agree that we all get along most of the time.

My mom and dad says I am small, but I am mighty. Clearly, you can all see that for yourselves. LOL

Having multiple pets can be twice as much fun, but twice the work. When welcoming a new pet or two into your family it will require careful planning for a smooth transition.

Make sure you have enough time and space

for your multiple pets.

You must ensure that both dogs, or species, are compatible, and can easily fit into your lifestyle.

Having separate water bowls/food dish and beds, where each pet can unwind this will help avoid useless competition. To avoid disease transmission please make sure to vaccinate each animal.

When introducing a new pet, remember patience is key. You cannot enforce interaction, this must come from them.

If possible, keep the newcomer in a closed room for a few hours, or a few days depending on the reaction of the other pets. It is crucial to give attention EQUALLY to all pets, and to supervise their interaction and behaviour.

Remember, if you need to intervene, due to dangerous behavior, do this in a gentle, calm manner, as you do not want to be the cause of further tension, by reacting too strongly.

To avoid food hostility, use separate food bowls and you can also feed pets in different rooms, if needed.

Since cats can be territorial, I recommend feeding them up high, so the dog doesn’t gobble down the cat food.

Keeping your pet food in a sealed containers help keep food neat and organized.

To help with multiple pets going in and out of the house, be prepared for muddy paws and toys.

Having a toy basket is a great idea, as well as, an old towel bin for the muddy paws, at the back door.

To help keep the chaos to a minimum we personally use “baby gates”, therefore we have our own “gated community” and the dogs do not have full access to our entire house. (This is a personal choice) When my daughter is home, the dogs are in her bed, HER personal choice. LOL.

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