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Caissie Canine Instruction: K9 Thanksgiving (The Good and The Bad Foods.)

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 11-week- old Yellow Labrador named Charli.

My family says I have a sweet nature and gentle eyes. I love belly rubs, cuddles, and kisses. I love meeting new people, running in the yard, chewing on toys, plants and grass.

My mom says food is one of my favourite things in life!!! That is TRUE. I dance in circles every time it’s mealtime. My mom says even though I am a puppy, I have the confidence of a grown dog.

*******************************BONUS FEATURE*********************************

K9 Corner with The Chief

I have been asked this question many times throughout the years, “how do I get the most out of my K9 training”? My recommendation is for all dog owners, to gain and absorb good K9 knowledge, (not from the Internet) and make daily application and practice the techniques that you have learned. There are no short cuts. “Make time for your K9”.

You, as a dog owner, will benefit when you attempt daily efforts and be consistent with your K9. If you mix in good praise with your training sessions, it will not feel like “work” at all. This will in-turn develop a solid pack bond and enhance a positive behaviour foundation and obedience routine.

If you make the decision to commit to a short-term cost invested K9 training program, it is imperative to complete the training sessions.

Most dogs want to follow, therefore be a great pack leader by using the “training time” for positive long-term results.

Dogs can be one of the most loyal pets, and can provide love, comfort, therapeutic and physical benefits for all family members.

Remember your dog lives in the moment and your daily training can be the best “moment” of their day.


Welcome to Doggie Dialogue

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and many families coming together to celebrate delicious foods and watch some great football, it is important to have a safe Thanksgiving.

It is also important for our K9’s to ensure they do not get into any bad foods and/or bones.

Bad or dangerous foods for your K9 at Thanksgiving are all the fatty foods, including turkey skin, cooked or uncooked bones, as well as nutmeg, dough, nuts, grapes, avocados and of course anything in the trashcan. Many dogs get into the trashcan when we are busy cooking or entertaining.

Do NOT give your dog any scraps underneath the table.

Here are some good foods that you can treat your dog to, for their very own Thanksgiving dinner. Steamed sweet potatoes, plain, are a great option as they are full of fibre, carotenoids, and vitamins.

Steamed or raw carrots are always a great snack anytime of the year. Carrots are also a good option for your dog’s dental health. Raw carrots aid in removing plaque and gives your K9 fresh breath.

Pumpkin is good for dogs as well, as it is low in calories, has beta carotene, lots of fibre and can help with your dog’s digestion. (Remember to use pure canned pumpkin, NOT pumpkin pie filling)

Remember with a busy household and lots of commotion, your dog may feel agitated, overwhelmed, or excited and jumping up, you may need to remove him/her and find a quiet place for your dog to rest and relax.

Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful clients and their beautiful K9’s.

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