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Caissie Canine Instruction: The Truth about your K9’s Medical Care

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful German Shepherd named Keeva.


Keeva is loyal, affectionate, alert, protective and obedient.

Her favourite activities are walking, playing fetch, training, exercise and mental stimulation.



Her behaviour with children is wonderful. She is gentle, affectionate, and always wants to play, however leaves if she gets overwhelmed.


 Keeva’s behaviour with adults is she simply wants to be with you and by your side at all times.


********************BONUS FEATURE*************************




Many folks ask me what kind of training is necessary to properly certify a therapy/emotional support/service dog? The answer is simple, it depends on the purpose and needs of the dog with the human.


Caissie Canine Instruction ensures all training follows the guidelines of the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility Ontario Disability Act.


SERVICE DOGS are not therapy and/or emotional support dogs. However, all dogs regardless of their title, support the human owner or family member.


A SERVICE DOG is one that is trained to perform a certain task, to assist an individual who has a diagnosed disability.  For example, I have personally trained service dogs in the past to alert by a “sit” response when a traumatic seizure is imminent.


 These dogs in this program, have clearly shown in many studies, to detect humans experiencing stress. Dogs have the innate ability to recognize acute psychological stress that produces change in volatile organic compounds coming in breath and sweat in humans.


Remember these dogs are working with their owner and are not to be approached or used by others. They have a job, which is 24-7, to ensure their human owner or family member can lead an enhanced quality of life.




These dogs are trained to allow their owner or family member to be calm and comfortable in all environments. A medical health provider has given a diagnosis and provided a letter to the dog owner, therefore the letter is on record, if needed to justify the training authenticity. A well-trained dog in this profile will promote improvement in the human/family member’s physical, social, emotional or cognitive function in either an individual setting or group. This can be solely for the human owner or allow the human owner to volunteer in settings to meet other humans for example either in a nursing home, hospital and/or schools.

This training will involve education, the importance of appearance, grooming, policy review, equipment needs, socialization, and advanced levels of on and off leash obedience.


Not all dogs will meet or certify in the role of a service dog. However, all dogs may meet the certification of a THERAPY or an EMOTIONAL support dog. There are different levels of Therapy and/or Emotional support dog training that may be attained.


Caissie Canine Instruction requires all teams to maintain an annual certification to ensure quality assurances are in place with the above programs.




Welcome to Doggie Dialogue


I know many people think if they don’t go to their vet, they are saving money. The truth is, it is less expensive, if you go to your vets to help prevent and protect your K9 against disease and illness.

Therefore, going for your annual veterinary appointment or K9 yearly exam is highly recommended.


When you go to your vet for your K9’s check-up, they will be able to personalize your K9’s vaccines if needed. If you chose to have your K9 spayed or neutered it may help prevent serious health problems, such as ovarian or testicular cancers, which can be costly to treat.


The ASPCA recommends having a dental routine for your K9 to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Unfortunately, dental disease can lead to heart and kidney problems, and can be an expensive procedure to treat.


We always recommend protecting your K9 from parasites. Ticks are active already and can carry Lyme disease.

Flea and tick infestations can cause anything from minor skin irritations to life-threatening blood loss.


Remember to book your K9 in at your vets for their “spring tune up”. It will save you money in the long run.

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