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Caissie Canine Instruction: What causes Dog Warts?

We begin this week’s “RUFF TAILS” featuring a beautiful 4 year old Terrier mix named Clark.

Hi, my name is Clark. I was saved from a shelter in Russia and took a harrowing flight to Southern, Ontario. I have settled in the steel city of Hamilton.

I love hiking the local trials and I'm always looking to grab a bite. I love drinking water, but hate being in it. LOL. If your looking for a bad boy, look the other way because I'm a GOOD boy.

Welcome to Doggie Dialogue:

Warts on dogs are commonly caused by papilloma virus. This virus is contagious between dogs, but not between humans and dogs.

The lesions/warts look like cauliflower and are often found on the muzzle or lips of your canine. The warts can also be found around the eyes and between the toes.

This virus is common in younger dogs or dogs with an underdeveloped immune system.

The virus will also settle in with dogs that suffer from a break in the skin or have pre-existing skin issues.

Warts found around the mouth, can make it difficult for your dog to eat and drink. Warts on the feet could cause lameness, particularly if they got infected.

Papilloma virus can live in the environment for weeks and the virus could be left behind by another dog. Your dog could pick up the virus in the same area at another date and time.

It generally takes a month or two for the warts to develop after your dog is infected.

The warts usually disappear on their own within a few months as your dog develops immunity against the virus.

Veterinary treatment will be necessary if the warts are numerous, large, and located in such a way that is causing issues such as eye irritation, difficulty eating, drinking or having lameness.

The warts may bleed and become infected with bacteria. Medication will be required.

If your dog’s immune system is weak or their skin is comprised, do not take your dog to the dog park, doggy daycare, or boarding kennels, to ensure their health and safety.

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