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Caissie Canine Instruction: How much water should your dog be drinking?

Due to popular demand, and smart kiddos, LOL, we challenge everyone this week with our K9 FUN FACTS #2!!!


FUN FACTS #2---Did you know?


Puppies are born blind, deaf, and toothless.

There are approximately 400 million dogs worldwide.


The average dog lives 10-14 years.


The heaviest breed, the Mastiff, weighs about 200 lbs.

The Basenji is the only barkless dog.

Dogs have 18 muscles controlling their ears.


Greyhounds, world’s fastest dogs, can reach up to 45 M.P.H.

Dalmatians are born spotless and pure white; their spots develop as they age.

Dogs do have a sense of time and get accustomed to their mealtimes and outdoor walking schedules.


Dogs curl up when they sleep to protect their vital organs. It is an instinct and helps keep them warm as well.


Welcome Doggie Dialogue


Water is the main component of healthy, living cells of the body. Without water your dog’s body will not function properly. This is classified as dehydration. However, when your dog is drinking more water than usual this could be a sign of illness. So how much water should your dog drink?

It is recommended, by veterinarians, that dogs should drink approximately 1 ounce of water per pound of their body weight each day.


It is not necessary to measure out your K9’s water unless directed by your vet. It is recommended to put out plenty of fresh, cool water every day for your K9. Remember to clean out your water bowl daily to prevent bacteria growth.

Sometimes dogs will drink a little less water if they are sick or in pain. Talk to your vet, if this is on-going.


Dogs that eat wet food or a homemade diet may drink less water, as your K9 will receive some moisture through their food as this type of diet is made up of about 65-80% water.

Tap water is safe for dogs, however if you live in a place with unsafe tap or well water, please discuss options with your vet for providing bottled or filtered water for your dog.


A healthy dog will drink enough water daily to stay well hydrated. However, your K9 can have dehydration if they have kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, or pregnant.

Signs of dehydration in your K9 are the following:


1.    Dry, sunken eyeballs

2.    Gums appear dry, pale, or sticky.

3.    Dry nose and mouth


Should you suspect any of the above, please seek out veterinary assistance immediately.

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